an experimental horror short film

featuring vignettes by
toni-marie gallardo
joi purvy 
rosalee bernabe 
seo yun son


A horror anthology short from the surreal memories of four women identifying artists of color. Set in a QVC-style world of commercialism, this experimental film explores the damaging and devastating effects of Eurocentric beauty standards

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imdb; trailer; press kit

beauty standards is a experiment on and off the camera. 

In an act of resistance to the gatekeeping of the film industry, the film features the directorial debut of 4 first time, woman of color filmmakers.

Created by Toni-Marie Gallardo with vignettes written & directed by Joi Purvy, Seo Yun Son, Rosalee Bernabe, Toni-Marie Gallardo

Production was committed to creating a safe working environment for collaborators of color, queer collaborators, and non-binary collaborators. Only 7% of our crew identifies as a cis man, and only 7% of the crew is white. 

We are not free from critique. Need a question answered? 

𝒮𝒞𝑅𝐸𝐸𝒩𝐼𝒩𝒢 + panel on cultivating sustainability in the filmmaking process 

Missed the event?

︎ LISTEN* to the panel discussion with BEAUTY STANDARDS directors, and panelists: Anissa Amalia, Becca Park, Maegan Houang, Reagan Frazier, Sade Ndya

*With an intro by Creator/Moderater TONI-MARIE GALLARDO

︎WATCH behind the scenes content from the set of BEAUTY STANDARDS and of the screening event!

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imdb; trailer; press kit